Could you do Holly and Rory teaching Gail about baseball/softball? Possibly even cricket?

For you Anon, I will do my best at baseball! But I might need the help of some Americans because I am the Gail of this situation..

Holly and Rory teach Gail about American football.

Anon I would love to fill this prompt for you, but I know NOTHING about American football, except that there about 700 players on the pitch at a time, because I’m not American. But if you would like to alter the prompt or request something else I would be happy to do that :)

"You know why? Because she l o v e s you.”

The Rory Story (Part 6)

A/N: This is a prompt but I don’t want to post the prompt because spoilers but basically - Rory gets a haircut. (Thanks Anon for the prompt though)

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It’s been about a month since Gail moved in with Holly and Rory and everything has been going wonderfully. The amount of extra time they have together as a family is better than any of them could have imagined, and Rory adores having Gail in the house full time, even if they both still struggle a little with Gail’s role as parent rather than friend. Slowly but surely they are working through the issues and none of them would deny being happier than ever before.

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More Rory story on the way :)

myers-briggs personality types

↳ INFP (The Healer)

INFPs are imaginative idealists, guided by their own core values and beliefs. To a Healer, possibilities are paramount; the realism of the moment is only of passing concern. They see potential for a better future, and pursue truth and meaning with their own individual flair.

INFPs are sensitive, caring, and compassionate, and and are deeply concerned with the personal growth of themselves and others. Individualistic and nonjudgmental, INFPs believe that each person must find their own path. They enjoy spending time exploring their own ideas and values, and are gently encouraging to others to do the same. INFPs are creative and often artistic; they enjoy finding new outlets for self-expression.


  • among least likely of all types to suffer heart disease and chronic pain
  • second highest of all types to report marital dissatisfaction 
  • more successful than average in mastering a foreign language
  • among types to be most dissatisfied with their work
  • personal values include autonomy and creativity
  • famous infps: princess diana, audrey hepburn, john lennon, and william shakespeare
  • over represented in occupations in counseling, writing, and the arts
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INFP (Diplomat): INFPs are absolute idealists: they have values inside them which they really want to live by. This makes them good at encouraging other people’s growth, but can cause them to be too hard on themselves. They can be shy and reserved, but they’re incredibly passionate and intelligent individuals with an innate need to change the world.

These are the characters that I think are most relevant:

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I knew I loved you before I met you

I think I dreamed you into life