So today in Dublin there are 4 protests happening, one pro choice, one for Palestinian solidarity, one to legalise cannabis and one pro life, all on the same road in the city centre between 2pm and 5pm..if they all go off smoothly it will be nothing short of a miracle..


i hope natalie dormer’s parents know how well they did


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i need a hug right now also five hundred thousand dollars in cash

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love is not an excuse.”

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Orphan Black: Siobhan Sadler + tea
"I’ve got biscuits in my pockets."


ignore your responsibilites and fantasize about older women

"…I’ve seen that same fear in my mother’s eyes and my grandma’s eyes and my baby sister’s eyes.  B e c a u s e  I  h a v e  c a n c e r  t o o.  And let me tell you, it’s a bitch. And it’s an equal opportunity offender. No amount of money in the world, no amount of privilege can make you exempt. Look at Leo Hendrie. And when it chooses you, you’re suddenly thrust into a club that you didn’t ask to join. You’re shipped off to war even though you never enlisted in the army. But you have to put on your armor anyway. And know that if you’re lucky, you’ll discover new sides of yourself, like a will you never knew you had.”