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Yo are Garrett and Ward a couple? Because I am really getting that vibe from them..


ELLE's 21st Annual Women in Hollywood Awards | October 20, 2014

Ward you miserable filthy bastard

Happy 31st birthday, Charlotte Sullivan!

I saw a child today who was exactly what I imagine Chloe Bennet would have looked like age 4 and now all I can think about is writing a fic where 4 year old Skye meets 4 year old Jemma..hmmmm


Why is it always ‘queer people are projecting their identities onto characters’ and never ‘straight people are presuming that their identity is the default’?

quiet ones are usually the
                                    most d a n g e r o u s.

unicyclehippo replied to your post “I love anything Gail x Holly AU meeting Gail goes to her first lesbian bar out town then hooks up with Holly who later shows up working in Toronto. Awkward but they do acknowledge each other happily.”

This was great!

Thank you :)

'Philip Son of Coul' - Lady Sif giving me life